Renewable energy resources

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Geothermic is not an utopia. Up to a depth of 20 meters there is a constant temperature of 10°C which doesn't undergo any variations with the change of seasons. In winter this constant temperature offers a warm temperature and in the summer it is an ideal coolant. An IDM Earth heat pump uses free environmental energy for heating and hot water, and using the same principle in summer to cool to an agreeable temperature.
Convenience and comfort in harmony with the environment
- no smoke
- no soot
- no dust
- lowering of consumption thanks to energy taken free from the ground
therefore, if you are thinking about building or restructuring your house, today, with us, energy saving is more realistic.

Solar Energy
The sun doesn't send any invoices
The sun is energy and life, it gives us comforting heat and energy with every ray. In Italy where the sun almost always shines, on every square meter it radiates a quantity of annual energy equal to 150 litres of gas-oil; and all this doesn’t cost a penny, without any harmful emissions.

To use solar energy first of all you have to capture the rays of the sun. This work is done both by the photovoltaic modules and the solar collectors which transform sunlight into electric energy or heat.
Our SolvisCalas collectors offer a high-performance needing only a small space. Italian energy politics is now beginning to develop laws and decrees to stimulate the use and rationalization of renewable energies.
In the future we will be able to save up to 30 to 40% energy for heating and electric bills by just using renewable energies.

Condensation boilers
The patented concept of Solvismax solar boiler grants all of your desires for a modern boiler: heating, warm sanitary water, exploitation of solar energy and gas integration with methane, gas-oil or GPL. This concept, the only of its kind, you/he/she was awarded the Solar Prize 1998 by the German Society for the Solar energy.

Inside the SolvisMax there is always something going on: heat arrives from the collectors and the sanitary water is heated. Warm water for heating leaves the accumulator and comes out cooled by the radiators. All this works optimally, because the water in the accumulator is separated into three layers of separate different temperatures.
When the sun doesn't shine, the burner which has been inserted in the accumulation reservoir, starts up. The burner functions by condensation through a smoke recirculation system. The result is the optimal exploitation both of the sun and gas. Heat and comfort the whole year through.

SolvisMax avoids the risks that can derive from water being stagnant for a long time in the reservoir: the hot water from the accumulator flows through a heat exchanger. Cold water passes through a separate circuit the exchanger and is instantly heated, in the quantity and to the temperature that you desire. No more stagnant water, no more risk of Legionella.
You save up to 50% on fuel energy expenses.

Mario Di Cesare Srl, your partner for energy efficiency.

Energy autonomy is not anymore unattainable, with the today’s technologies at our disposal we can cut the costs of home energy bills by 80-90%.


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